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About me

Two years ago, I began doodling, at the place I always begin a new project: my dining room table.

I was FaceTiming with my parents, trying new beers, most of which I didn’t like the taste of. Bottles got sipped and set aside. Beer caps piled up. I started to doodle.

The first “real” doodle (the doodle that made me think this was a thing) was done at my desk at work. Around an Abita cap, I drew. I then threw it in the trash. Two weeks later I began again. Two months later I began the Instagram page, Beer Cap Doodles.

Beer Cap Doodles has nothing to do with profit or praise, and everything to do with what beer means to me: community and creativity. I first learned to like beer at twenty-one (dad’s pick of Coors Light at thirteen had scarred me for a bit) when a friend mended my breakup with a Killian’s Red Ale.

Beer was the drink of choice on afternoons where my parents made their way to the front yard to watch me play. Beer was the drink between friends catching up. Breweries were my place of comfort when I moved from the frigid winters of Madison, WI to the blazing heat of Las Vegas, NV. Beer has always represented a laid-back life, a way of people. Beer Cap Doodles represents design around design, carefree around carefree.

You’ll find beers you haven’t tried. Beers you’ve probably never heard of. Beers you love and could probably own stock in. You’ll find errors in doodles. Because, guess what? I’m human. Life is messy. Doodling can be, too. Let the mistakes remind you I’m drawing as a means of embracing my craft and sharing it. (Also, maybe I was drinking and doodling. There are no rules.)

I hope these doodles remind you of good times, easy living, and of course, your favorite brews.